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Personal Profile

"Artist Xixi Qian (b.1996) from Wenzhou, China, currently resides in London, UK. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, and a Master's degree in Printmaking from the Royal Academy of Arts. Sponsored by the Gatehouse Chamber project and represented by AUC ART, Xixi has exhibited at galleries like Southwark Park Gallery and Boomer Art Gallery, earning the second prize at the Boomer Art Prize 2023. Her work reflects her hometown's influence, exploring macro-social production relations. Xixi enjoys the mechanical process of printmaking, likening it to her family's industrial background, while embracing the freedom of artistic inspiration. Her prints portray the symbiotic relationship between plants and Wenzhou's social dynamics, influenced by Deleuze and Guattari's 'A Thousand Plateaus' and anthropologist Xiang Biao's insights. She juxtaposes controlled etching with watercolor to symbolize the contrast between nature's purity and societal complexities.Xixi’s introspective approach extends to her series on femininity, inspired by her mother's experiences as a factory owner and societal expectations. Balancing tradition with modernity, her work delves into cross-cultural reflections on social structures and gender roles."



08/2022 - 08/2023

Royal College of Art 

Master in Printmaking

09/2019 - 06/2022

University of the Arts London

Bachelor of Fine Arts

09/2017 - 07/2018

University of the Arts London

CCW Foundation Course



 Selected Artist, Artsin Square, 02/2024
 Boomer Art Prize, Second Prize, 10/2023
 Backbone of the Sea, Hangzhou Youth Artist Exhibition, 08/2019
 Excellent Sculpture Award, Hangzhou Sculpture Exhibition, 06/2019
 Hangzhou Youth Artist Exhibition, 04/2018
 Most Popular Teacher, Hangzhou Very Art Studio, 03/2016
 First Prize, Wenzhou Yueqing Paper Cutting Competition (Dynamic Action), 2014

 First Prize, Wenzhou Yueqing Paper Cutting Competition (My Campus), 2014


 Spring Exhibition, AKA Contemporary, London, UK, 03/2024 - 04/2024
 The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK, 02/2024 - 03/2024
 Boomer Gallery, Tooley Street, London, UK, 09/2023
 Memorial - Mitsui Hutong 21, Xicheng District, Beijing, China, 08/2023 - 10/2023
 MA1 Graduation Exhibition, Royal College of Art, Battersea Campus, London, UK, 07/2023

 Monaural - Royal College of Art, Kensington Campus, London, UK, 06/2023

 “Duality” - Southwark Park Galleries - Dilston Gallery, London, UK, 03/2023
 “Chelsea College of Arts Degree Show,” Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, 06/2022

 “Temporary Exhibition,” Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, 05/2021
 “Fluidity,” Online Exhibition, Chelsea Collage of Arts Collage, London, UK, 11/2020  “CCW Foundation Exhibition,” University of the Arts London, London, UK, 05/2018

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