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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Born in Zhejiang, China, Xixi Qian is based in London. I use poetry, dialect, traditional crafts and digital painting as a means of expression to produce and present the film. Fiction is an integral part of the work's central idea. I weave elements of fictional, mythical characters and reality into a narrative that is rooted initially in the everyday life of the present. I draw on Chinese Eastern thought and folklore traditions to explore themes such as post-colonial identity and memory (personal and collective) and gender-neutral, exploring how to create a unique methodology in another country. The film is a first-person perspective that tells a story of itself and the masses, using elements such as shadow puppetry and digital painting to present this story. I have used the mythological figure of the Bodhisattva of East Asia, who is genderless, to tell the story of the human world and created a seemingly genderless character of a teenager and a young man to begin to tell the story.

Also, the language in the video is a Wenzhou dialect which often is being characterised as “rebellious, “eccentric” and “cute”. It is being called as ghost language. Because it is very incomprehensible and distinctive from standard mandarin and it is a unique Chinese 'ghost language' that was used as a 'military code' in the Vietnam War. Therefore, it is not incongruous to express my exploration in this tone.

Apart from its influential quality, I hope my work can provide a space for discussions and reflections on our relationship with the world.

Titled: Uniformity Film stills

Artist: Xixi Qian

Camera: Xixi Qian, Joy Siqi Yang Words, Sound and Edit: Xixi Qian

Date: 05/2022

Medium: video

Running time: 10 minutes

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